31 March 2009

Cowboy Beans and Rice

Tonight I made the Cowboy Beans and Rice from $5 Dinners.
I accidentally added the corn and salsa to the dish, instead of making them into a side dish. The ingredients list included them, and being in a rushed mood I put everything into the pot. It wasn't until I got to a later step in the directions that I found my error. Oops.
The beans and rice turned into more of a goulash, which is fine by me. I think it was probably better that way. The beans and rice would have been extra bland on their own. I did find the overall dish pretty tasteless, and I put in 2 jalapeno peppers instead of the canned green chiles. I also used TVP instead of meat. The rice took longer, and a lot more water, to cook than the recipe stated it would. I blame the TVP for this issue.
However, I think the dish is a reasonably good one if you're money is stretched a little tight. I do have leftovers of it in the freezer, but it probably won't be the first thing I reach for from the freezer until I get some hot sauce.
I didn't get any photos, but I wouldn't say it was worth pulling out the iPhone for a snap shot anyway. It certainly wasn't as pretty as much enchiladas. I'm thinking I need to get another shot of them for posterity.

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