16 June 2009


This blog has now moved to http://www.glutenfreemaui.com

I will redirect it as soon as I can.


02 June 2009


I'm moving Gluten-Free Maui from Blogspot to our new address here at http://www.glutenfreemaui.com

This is exciting, and it will take some work in fixing up the old posts to look like the new posts, but at least I didn't go a year or more before doing this.

I'm loving Wordpress, and Blogger was a great way for me to start out. I am becoming more committed to this blog by making the move over. Heck, the Nerd even bought me the domain name(he's so sweet).

If things go funky for any reason, please bear with me and all will be well before too long.

I'm working on the redirect from blogger right now so that you all don't have to change your bookmarks(if you've bookmarked me already then I am totally honored).

Stick with me on this journey. We'll have us some tasty fun!

01 June 2009

Mulligans on the Blue in Kihei (Wailea)

From a previous post, separated out for ease of finding information.

Mulligans on the Blue. This is an Irish restaurant, and no it's not on the water. It's actually on a golf course. From what I was told, it's the old clubhouse/restaurant for the Wailea Blue Course, from which Mulligans took part of its name.

Don't even dream of eating dinner here. Just about everything looks to be covered in gluten, and I wouldn't risk cross contamination for the world there. However, I did have some delicious vanilla ice cream and alcoholic beverages(Mojito and Sandtrap). There is no gluten free beer, and the hard cider is a gluten containing brand.

Mulligans on the Blue
Located on the Wailea Blue Course
across from the Kea Lani Hotel

Sansei Sushi in Kihei

From a previous post, separated out for ease of finding information.

Last night the Nerd and I went to Sansei sushi, in Kihei, with some friends. This was a planned outing. Sansei's waitstaff was amazing when it came to Celiac Disease. The waitress informed me that they often have people with food allergies dining there. She was able to list every item on the menu which would be safe for me to eat.

Sansei also has San-J Wheat Free Tamari, just ask for it. Most of what us non-gluten eaters can have are the very simple vegetarian rolls and the Nigiri sushi and Sashimi.

Beware. Just because it is an expensive sushi place does not mean they use only crab in their California rolls. The waitress informed that it is actually a mix of crab and imitation crab in them, so please do not eat these if they are unsafe for you. I left totally full, and completely satisfied.

Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar
Kihei Town Center
1881 South Kihei Road #KT-116
Kihei, Hawaii 96753
5:30 P.M. to 10:00 P.M.

Half price late night on Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10pm to 1am.

A Saigon Cafe in Wailuku

From a previous post, separated out for ease of finding information.

A Saigon Cafe. It's known around here as "The Restaurant Without a Sign" or simply Saigon Cafe. If you like Vietnamese food, or other south Asian fare this is the place for you.

A Saigon Cafe is located Wailuku, and there are stars on the roof. Nope, I'm not kidding, there are electric light stars on the roof. It's a little tricky to get to, but if you take the first right in Wailuku, past the overpass, and then take a right onto Nani St. You'll see the restaurant to the right. Look for the stars on the roof. The parking is somewhat limited, and there is an apartment complex with reserved parking. But, it's never been a real problem to find someplace to park. Besides, if it was really difficult it'd still be worth the trouble.

The waitstaff are friendly and quite funny. I'm careful about what I order. I avoid the "special" dipping sauce that comes with the summer rolls and instead I use hot sauce.

Our favorite items are the Hot and Sour Fish Soup with Mahi-Mahi, and the Shrimp Claypot. I've never had stomach problems after dining there, and I've never felt glutened. If you're very concerned about cross contamination, you might try elsewhere, but you can always talk with your server about the menu items. Presenting a dining card might help make things clear in case of a language barrier.

When I went to the mainland last year, the first place I went after leaving the airport was Saigon Cafe. Hot, flavorful, and comfortable were a great combination for returning home. Not having to cook was also great.

A Saigon Cafe
1792 Main St Wailuku, HI 96793
(808) 243-9560
Mon-Sat 10am-9:30pm; Sun 10am-8:30pm