02 June 2009


I'm moving Gluten-Free Maui from Blogspot to our new address here at http://www.glutenfreemaui.com

This is exciting, and it will take some work in fixing up the old posts to look like the new posts, but at least I didn't go a year or more before doing this.

I'm loving Wordpress, and Blogger was a great way for me to start out. I am becoming more committed to this blog by making the move over. Heck, the Nerd even bought me the domain name(he's so sweet).

If things go funky for any reason, please bear with me and all will be well before too long.

I'm working on the redirect from blogger right now so that you all don't have to change your bookmarks(if you've bookmarked me already then I am totally honored).

Stick with me on this journey. We'll have us some tasty fun!

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