19 April 2009

GF Pastry to be Sold at Starbucks

This is exciting news. Here in Hawaii the major coffee store chain is highly addictive to much of the population, as I am sure it is to those elsewhere in the country. I don't usually go there on my own, but if a friend wants something and I go with them I will get a tea latte or something along those lines. I do drink coffee sometimes, but I have to be sure my stomach is up for drinking it. If my stomach is feeling too sensitive the coffee can make me have some serious digestive problems.

Anyway, on to the good part!

For those who do like to go to Starbucks, or for those who are drug along like me, we will soon have a treat available to nosh on. A gluten-free cake is going to become available to us gluten-free folks soon. It will be an orange cake and will be individually wrapped and sold for $2.25 (I don't know if that price applies everywhere).

As soon as I spot the snack cake at a Starbucks here in Hawaii I will let you all know so that we can head out and grab one of these. Here's hoping they don't taste like crap or have the texture and weight of rocks.

More information can be found at Forbes.com

Did I mention that their stock price rose after the announcement?

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