31 March 2009

Late Night Baking


This is really some of the best cornbread I've ever had, and I wish that I could post the recipe. I'll do my best to get in touch with the author to see if I can post the recipe here or not. It's absolutely delicious, and worth the 40 minutes to bake it. It's about twenty minutes to prepare it, if you do your preparation as slow as I do, and 20 minutes to bake it.
This cornbread is not your old fashioned dry cornbread. It's sweet(agave sweetened), it's moist, soft (sorghum and brown rice flours), and absolutely not complicated.

I will tell you that you can make this recipe gluten-free, vegan, bean-free, and soy free. I don't know about substituting other flours for the brown rice to make it rice-free, but you could give something like buckwheat(not a wheat, and contains no gluten) a shot from what I've read.

For the cornmeal I like to use Bob's Red Mill cornmeal, but it's a little coarse and expensive. So, I end up getting Quaker cornmeal (if you're extremely sensitive to gluten and are unsure about this product please call or e-mail them, I'll do the same and get back to this as soon as I can, but I've never had any issue). The Quaker cornmeal is a finer grind and so I end up with fewer hard pieces of corn in my teeth. It is not whole grain though, and that's why I like the Bob's Red Mill better. Whole grains are healthier than the stripped and enriched grains. They've also been linked to weight loss.

I highly recommend this cookbook to anyone who can't eat gluten or dairy. It's full of wonderful recipes from baked goods (like cornbread, scones, and biscuits, and various quick breads) to pizza crusts (it's terrific, especially if you do like I do and use ground flaxseed for the egg replacer, always good to add a little extra fiber), an amazingly simple yet delicious pizza sauce, puddings, pies, healthy salads of all kinds, vegetable dishes galore, and "dive face first into your bowl" soups, plus a lot more.

I'm not getting paid to say this. I wish I were. I'm a broke college student.

Seriously good cornbread worth posting about while your face mask cracks on your face.

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