27 March 2009

Maui Onion and Tillamook White Cheddar Pizza

No pictures folks, so sorry about that. But this was my first real cheese pizza in a very long time. Because of the high quality of the cheese it was amazing. This pizza was definitely worth the wait. I know that I can buy the more expensive cheeses now because I can't eat as much of it, and I'd prefer that over eating Kraft any day. I know Kraft has its uses, but I'm so over it.
Some of you foodies out there probably think that Tillamook is now on the level for you that Kraft used to be, but it's really good cheese for a great price. I'd never had white cheddar before this month, and I enjoy the heck out of it. I don't know if I can go back to yellow cheese. Okay, yes I can, but I am forever changed.

I made tonight's pizza by following the pizza crust and pizza sauce recipes from "The Gluten-Free Vegan." Instead of using Ener-G egg replacer I used flax seed, which adds some fiber to the pizza, and it still cuts back on the unnecessary calories and cholesterol in eggs.

Neither the bf nor I have to watch our cholesterol, and I want to keep it that way. My parents deal with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar (my mom). I don't want to reach a point where every time I go to the doctor I get lectured about how unhealthy I am and how I should be doing so many different things to get myself back in shape. I send them lots of information about foods they can eat to help with these issues, and they even eat oatmeal nearly every morning with ground flaxseed now (I got some when I was visiting and left it with them to use, their doctor was happy about that).

Dairy is high in fat, calories, cholesterol, etc. but it's a treat around here, not an every day or every meal occurrence. I still drink my soymilk, and the bf eats Yoplait+ yogurt with fiber in the morning and the occasional white Russian with organic milk, although I'm considering switching to local if it will last long enough.

Here's a tangent for you. I was watching a spot with the local milk producer on the news, and I read an article by Michael Pollan(author of "The Omnivores Dilemma"), and I learned that the organic milk is ultra-pasteurized to make it last longer and that the process ends up killing off a lot of the good bacteria and vitamins. Not cool.

Well, that was quite the Sagittarius segway(since when is that not an actual word?).

Pizza. Good. Try white cheddar and onion on your next pizza. You'll love it too.

Oh, and I had to follow it up with a little pineapple gelato from Ono Gelato.


  1. Gluten or no gluten, this sounds like a good pizza. And we certainly appreciate you making the distinction between our favorite cheese and Kraft. We wondered if you'd seen that your pizza concept is our Post of the Day at www.tillamookfanclub.com. If not, you should go check it out.
    Jake Ten Pas
    Tillamook Cheese Fan Club

  2. While you are there on the Tillamook Cheese Fan Club site, check out the hapa-haole Hawaiian who is the Tillamook Cheese Fan of the Month!
    He sent me your blog as I have just been diagnosed, along with my grown daughter, with Celiac. So we are newbies to the GF life...and so thankful we can keep our Tillamook Cheese! Enjoy!

    Mimi...Tillamook Fan's Mom

  3. Jake Ten Pas-

    Oh my god! That's so cool. You have me bouncing in my kitchen! Thank you for posting my Tillamook love story!


    That's awesome that your friend is the fan of the month. Tillamook is so good, I can't believe I ate other "cheese food products" for so long. I won't settle for anything less than TIllamook now.

    I hope you and your daughter are dealing well with the diagnosis. If you need anything, please let me know!