12 April 2009

Easter Sunday Brunch

Today I will, hopefully, be blogging my brunch as I go. Right now I have the potatoes boiling for:
Gluten-Free Bay: Non-Gebrokts Passover Potato Pancakes with Dill

I was hoping to have brunch ready by 11am, but it's looking like it will be more like 11:30 or noon. I forgot that I have to cool the dough in the refrigerator for an hour. Whoops.

Later on I will be making:

Elana's Pantry: Charoset

and eggs, however the Nerd and his mother would like them. I'll be making over easy eggs for myself. I know a lot of people fear the over easy egg because of salmonella and because they can be difficult to make if you aren't patient. But, I've never been made sick by an over easy egg and I've been eating them my whole life. Over easy is how my dad always made me eggs, and I always ordered eggs that way at restaurants. Often times when people make scrambled eggs they undercook or overcook them, so it's difficult to get good scrambled eggs. Hard fried eggs tend to be too try for me, and quite boring. Hard fried eggs require a lot of ketchup or other sauces. I do have a love for a poached egg, but that's something I have yet to master. I'm getting pretty good at making an omelette, and I'm okay at making a frittata that doesn't fall apart when I flip it.

Last Easter I think I still ate gluten, but I had limited it quite a bit. I made eggs, bacon, and strawberry apple tartlets. Those tartlets were so good, but I just didn't have the time or money to make them this year. Apples are very expensive here, and I prefer to buy organic apples now which jacks up that price even more.

I hope this year's brunch is as delicious as last years, or better. With some great recipes and some patience, the experience will be delightful.

After I finish brunch, it'll be time for clean up and then back to more school work. I spent 8 hours yesterday on Chemistry studying, and I didn't finish. I have at least 4 hours of studying left today, and then I have to write up an integrative approach to solving the climate crisis issue.

If you don't hear back from me for a while, you'll now know why. At least my belly and soul will be quite satisfied.

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