12 April 2009

Easter Sunday Brunch Pt.2

The potato pancakes are in the skillet, and some are already done and waiting on a platter. I'll place them into a low temperature oven to keep them warm while I make up the eggs to order.
The charoset is finished and in the refrigerator. Unfortunately it turned into more of a baby food consistency puree. I was relying on the food processor attachment that came with my Oster 12 speed blender, and since it was stated in the recipe that I should place all of the ingredients into the container, I did. I now know that I should do things like that in batches in that food processor. It took too long for the top layer items to get sucked down to the blades, and I had to provide a lot of assistance. I don't recommend people buy this blender plus food processor attachment. I liked it when I saw it because it has a glass carafe and the metal drive system, but now I loathe this blender set. My future blender is to be the Blendtec blender, and I am hoping dearly that I love it a lot more than this one. It's ten times the price of the Oster, so it had better be worth it.
Pictures of the foods will be up as soon as they are all plated.
Oh, I forgot to mention that the Easter Bunny (the Nerd's mom) left a heart shaped container of Dove Easter Chocolates. Before I ate them I looked up wether or not they are gluten-free. According to Gluten Free Mom, Dove has a prerecorded message stating that these chocolates are gluten-free. So, I've had 2 already. Haha! Come on, I've been up since 9am, and it's nearly noon. I needed something in my stomach, and it might as well be chocolate.
Here's something I hate about coil burner electric stoves: the coils often sit unevenly, so the oil slides to one side of the pan. Ugh. What I'd do for a gas range.

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