12 April 2009

Easter Sunday Brunch Pt.3

Two eggs, over easy. Charoset, over pureed. Potato Pancakes, just right.

Bigger view.

The Nerd and I each had 2 eggs over easy, 2 potato pancakes, and some charoset. His mother had 2 eggs scrambled (not dry), 2 potato pancakes, and charoset.
The charoset was still good despite being pureed within an inch of its being. I tossed in a few broken up walnuts and some golden raisins to help with the texture. The walnuts gave it a bit of a metallic tang in my mouth, but I would eat it again. I might try it with pecans in the future, or maybe almonds. I'd add them last to help keep the crunch more pronounced.

The potato pancakes were the hit of the day. Ketchup was offered, but was not necessary. They were terrific plain. I switched the dill for fresh rosemary from the back yard, and I used grape seed oil in them and to cook them in instead of vegetable oil. I accidentally overheated the oil and it smoked and sputtered for a few seconds, but I removed the pan from the heat immediately. I am still getting comfortable with how quickly the cast iron heats up, and how well it holds heat.

Breakfast was yummy, and I was very tired right afterward, but now I have a cup of genmaicha (green tea with toasted brown rice) and all is well.

My mom just called, so I'm going to go talk to her. Hoppy Easter to you all!

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