24 April 2009

Meal Plan for the Week

Fresh Carrots

I know, I know. I'm late again. It couldn't be helped though. Thursday was a very rainy day, and when I tried to go to the farm stand I found it to be closed because of the weather. So, that threw me off. I still went to the other grocery stores and got the shopping done, but then there were other things that came up.

So, here's the meal plan and shopping list for the week:

Thursday Night Dinner: Tacorritos

Red Beef Curry
Grilled Chicken Quesadillas and Black Bean with Corn Salad
Pan Roasted Venison and Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Salad
Antioxidant Chili(from the Gluten Free Vegan) and chips with guacamole
Summer Rolls and a can of Hot and Sour Soup
Freezer Meal or Pizza


1 can Rotel $3
1 lb Organic Butter $8
2 chocolate bars $5
2 cans organic kidney beans $8 (turned out to be $5)
2 cans organic black beans $8 (turned out to be $5)
Brown Cow Nonfat Plain Yogurt $6
Alden's Ice Cream $8 (read about this on Glutenfreegirlreccomends)

Farm Stand:
4 Onions $6
3 avocados $4
1 Lime $1
2 bunches carrots $4 (none available, they won't have any for another month, bummer)
Bib Lettuce $2
2 small heads romaine $3 (got 1 large for $1.25)
Local strawberry jam $5

Pukalani Superette:
5lbs Potatoes $2
1 stalk Celery $1
2 Local Green Bell Pepper $3
Jalapenos $2
28oz Local Tofu $4
Local Eggs $5
Ginger $1
Local Sprouts $1

Long's Drugs:
Local Green Onions $1
2 household items $9

Total: $100

Actual Spent: $90.1

It's good to overestimate how much you're going to spend. This leaves you room in case there turns out to be something on sale that you'd like to grab a couple extra of, and you can always roll it over into another week, or you could take the money left and put it into a savings account. What we do is put the extras toward a trip to Costco.
Next Thursday is an odd day because it falls on the 30th, the last day of the month. So, the day could be counted as April or May. The Nerd says we'll count it as April, and we'll figure it all out after my Costco shopping tomorrow.

Happy Shopping to all, and remember to use your reusable bags! Put them in your car, purse, etc. Somewhere that you will remember them. If you do this for a while you'll get so used to it, you'll feel awkward without your bags.

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