24 April 2009


Venison, Potatoes, and Salad

The Nerd's brother, the Hunter, brought us some fresh venison a few days ago. He hunts it and butchers it himself. Deer hunting season is year round on Maui as there are too many deer destroying the mountain side.

I ended up freezing the piece because I wasn't quite sure when I would use it. But, I was able to include it in this week's meal plan . In fact, I made it tonight, and invited their Mother to join the Nerd and I.

I've learned to pan roast, and tonight I did that with the venison.

I cut the piece into 3 parts, and I seasoned it with alae salt, fresh cracked pepper, rosemary, and butter.

For sides I served up some delicious garlic mashed potatoes and a salad of romaine, bibb lettuce, cherry tomatoes, onions, and cucumber. Everything in the salad, other than the dressing, was local.

This turned out to be very delicious, and I would serve it again.


  1. Looks delish! I like the funny 'pants' carrot too. ::g::
    I wish I could eat eggs because the fried egg with summer squash looks amazingly good.

  2. @ Just Jenn-
    Oh what a bummer to not be able to eat eggs either. You could always just eat the squash. Yum!

    I love the "funny pants carrot." That's an awesome name for it.