17 April 2009

Thursday Dinner and Breakfast

Fresh Maui Tofu

Last night's dinner was delicious. My Red Curry Tofu was spicy and delicious. None of the vegetarians or vegans showed up, but we still enjoyed it.

I had originally purchased the steak to feed Devin and I later in the week, but another one of the guests requested a piece of the steak. So, I gave away 2/3 of the steak last night, but this morning the Nerd and I are splitting the last piece with our breakfast. More on that later.

Definitely Press Your Tofu for this Recipe
(Yes, it's under there.)

Red Curry Recipe:

4 cups of dry rice, cooked
8 Tbsp Thai Red Curry Paste
Oil (optional)
4 cans of Coconut Milk
1/2 a super sized zucchini, or 1 large zucchini
1 cup of chopped Kale
2 large red bell peppers, sliced and cut in half
1 large block of tofu, pressed
2 cups of water

Sautee the curry paste in a non-stick large pot, or in oil in a standard pot. Then add the coconut milk and stir it up until combined. Watch for chunks of the curry paste and mash them with the back of a large spoon against the side of the pot to break them up. Bring to a mild simmer.
Add in the red bell pepper and cook for about 10 minutes. Then add the zucchini and kale. Simmer for another 10 minutes. Add in the tofu, and simmer for another 10 minutes.
Put all of the water into the pot, and bring back up to a simmer.

Serve this over rice. You'll have more than enough rice, which is great because you'll have some for the leftovers.

The steak I made last night was very well received, and I heard some groans of pleasure. I was paid a great compliment from my friend C who said that for top sirloin butt steak can get very tough, especially since it was a thin steak. However, mine was very juicy. I attribute that to the slow pan roasting and the basting.
To slow pan roast your next steak:
  • Heat a pan to medium low
  • Put in enough oil to coat the bottom of the pan
  • Cut off a small piece of steak to test the heat of the pan
  • If the oil sputters or smokes, remove the pan from the burner and turn the heat down
  • Once the oil only produces a nice sizzle, then add the rest of your steaks
  • Cook on each side for about 2 minutes, if you steak is sticking let it stick for a moment and it will release itself when it is done browning
  • Add a tablespoon or two of butter to the pan along with your favorite steak seasoning
  • Return the steak to its first cooking side and let the teak cook for about 13 minutes for medium rare
  • Test the doneness of your steak by pressing on it with your finger: the more give there is, the rarer the steak, the more firmness the more well the steak is
  • Pay attention to the thinnest part of your steak, it will give you a good idea of how the rest of your steak is doing
  • Remove the steaks from the pan before they reach the done point you desire as they will continue to cook for a few minutes after being removed from the heat of the pan
  • Resting the steak before eating it is important because it gives the steak time to redistribute the juices for a juicier and more flavorful steak
  • Enjoy!
(Information adapted from Think Like a Chef by Tom Colicchio, a chef I greatly respect for his knowledge and skills)

Mmm a real breakfast!

Breakfast this morning was the piece of leftover steak, reheated in the cast iron skillet; pan fried and oven roasted sliced potatoes with onions, alae sea salt, pepper, and thyme; a pan fried egg with pepper; and sliced strawberries. It took a while to make. I didn't get to cooking it until 7:45am, and it was done by 9am. In that time I was able to wash up some leftover dishes from last night, and I got some towels washed in the washing machine. Now that I know more of what I like in this meal I could do this quicker, but the potatoes still take a while.

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